Our mission is to restore trust in passwords.

Our only concern is your privacy, security, and trust.

Protecting password databases and users’ privacy is one of today’s most significant business challenges. For the last 45 years, we’ve tried to protect passwords by making each guess at the password “expensive” or slow, usually in terms of CPU cycles, or memory access. But traditional techniques only slow attacks down, and when attackers breach the perimeter, companies must still assume that all passwords have been lost. So every month a new string of a corporate security breaches are in the headlines.

TapLink was founded by serial entrepreneur Jeremy Spilman after his own password was compromised in a major credential breach in 2012. That kicked off the search for a better way to completely protect passwords from offline attack, even if the password database is stolen. TapLink’s patented Blind Hashing Technology works in conjunction with a company’s existing password defenses, systems and processes to provide this landmark level of security in the face of persistent attacks.

Leadership Team


Richard McGrail – CEO

Richard is an entrepreneur with over 30 years of hands-on experience in building, acquiring and operating successful middle market companies. Prior to joining TapLink he served as President and Chief Executive Officer of AVTEK Inc., a private multi-industry manufacturing company, he co-founded in 2001. Earlier in his career, Richard served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Lynch Corporation (LGL); President of America Cable Systems and AFC UniFab, business units of Tyco International LTD, as well as in several business management, technical marketing, and product management positions in the Electronics, Telecommunications & Service industries. Richard earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Brescia University and his Master of Arts from Northeastern University with concentrations in International Relations and Public Administration.

Jeremy Spilman – CTO & Founder

Jeremy has spent the last 15 years developing software spanning network management and security, dynamic benchmarking and analytics, wireless systems and channel emulation, and full-stack web development. As the network environment has become increasingly hostile, Jeremy has taken a keen interest in developing technologies to help secure our digital identities, ensuring user privacy, security, and trust. While not protecting passwords, Jeremy contributes to the Bitcoin community, creating the first working implementations of both micro-payment channels and stealth addresses. Jeremy enjoys decentralized networks, overclocked CPUs, and looks forward to the demise of email and with it, a new era of secure & private communication.

Paul Howe – VP Business Development

Paul has over 30 years’ experience in Sales Leadership & Business Development management roles with leading IT consulting firms including Keane, BearingPoint, and Cambridge Technology Partners in combination with a demonstrated competence in funding and launching early stage ventures. Prior to joining TapLink Paul worked with Peracton, Ltd as VP Business Development responsible for developing/executing business market plan and onboarding new financial service clients for MAARS financial analytics software trading platform. DeskStream, Inc., Principal/Master Reseller USA, responsible for market planning & development of Virtual Desktop Management solution offering to corporate enterprises. Paul holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Boston College and enjoys golf, biking and travel.